A special meeting place between day and night, between urban jungle and wild wilderness, between dynamic thoughts and creative words.
Beautiful for those with eyes to see but full of darkness to those with evil in their hearts.
Dusk dwellers can live rich lives on the edge of night, drinking from the magical waters, bewitched by the owls and wolves that stealth between the trees.
At its heart lies a glade washed by moonbeams and starlight. Folktales tell of a sacred stone buried there, which supposedly fell from the heavens. It is said to carry the power to understand and awaken ancient memories which can bring worlds together.
Two souls drawn from different worlds to find new life entered The Duskweald and found each other.
The Duskweald is now their home and from it they now explore its riches.
Here you are welcome to share their thoughts, words and deeds.
Juanita & Roland Clarke welcome you to their worlds.

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