Ddraig Wen



In 2 days time Roland and I will begin our journey to a new house and life. I am filled with excitement and apprehension right now. So many feelings but no regrets.

I started this journey back in 2010 when I came to the UK to be with and marry the man who would become my best friend and soul mate. So much has happened since I started this journey, but my love for Roland has never faltered nor will it ever.

It is a little bit sad to be leaving the first home we bought together but I realize that this next journey will make our lives so much better and will be another learning experience for both of us. I will miss the “fairy tree” behind our garden. Where we are now there are to many obstacles and roadblocks in the way. I think I am tired of moving around them. Then there is the politics and the back-stabbing that goes along with living in a neighbourhood where your neighbours are not who you think they are. Talking behind backs, causing problems and generally just not getting things done the way they are supposed to be done.


The new home is going to be a new adventure and a far better place. I can finally build my fairy garden and we know that the neighbours there are much more helpful and there is more camaraderie amongst people who are not only neighbours but good friends. We will be able to see the sea, smell the sea air instead of pollution from the motorways, eat good Welsh food and the list goes on. We have our own castle and a beautiful view of the Snowdonia mountains. The best thing of all will be that Roland will be able to get out more and maybe have some adventures of his own with many wonderful, caring friends. This may well inspire some new writings for him and I hope that it does.


It will be hard at first, making new friends and making some life changes for the better for both of us. I think gone are the days of sitting in front of a computer all day and half the night either checking emails or slaying beasts from another world.

We have only had one bump to go over that has made this move anything but smooth. British Telecommunications or BT as they are known!!!! I have never in my life seen such incompetence, I mean how does one muck up transferring a service from one house to another? Roland called them on 9 January to set up the service at the new home. Sounds simple enough right? “Oh but Mr Clarke I can save you money by just making a whole new account for your move and you don’t have to worry about a contract as there is not one in place at this time.” So we got a confirmation of the appointment for 17 February. Looks like it will be okay! Right up to the day we got several emails and text messages letting us know that the engineer would be at the house between 8am and 1pm. The 17th came and went, was expecting a call from the property owner of the park to let us know everything was in place…..but nothing. I finally called him and the guy didn’t even show up!!! Next day, the 18th, Roland again called BT and was told that whomever had set this in motion did not do it correctly, should not have “sold” us a new account and that we indeed were still under a contract and it would cost ££ to buy it out. So BT in all their great wisdom cancelled that appointment and account. Now for the fun part. They told us that the next available appointment is the 10th of April. WHAT???? 40 days with no phone or internet? The BT gods must be crazy!!! We got the excuses that they had to go run the line etc etc. It is a park home you idiots, the utilities are already there, all you have to do is send someone out to hook the wire to the home, then take a 10 minute drive to the exchange!!!!!! Well after going through this since the 18th they finally said yesterday the 24th that the phone would be on at the end of this week, should I believe this story from them now?, and that they had no idea when they could get the broadband going….HELLO!!!! Does the broadband not run through the telephone wire? OH WELL!!! I give up. So if Roland and I disappear for 40 days without a trace, just remember that we may be on an ark, floating around in all the bull that BT has sent down on us!!!!! HAHA


Despite all this I am still very excited to start anew, and I will be celebrating my birthday on the 1st of March in our new home!!!! What a great birthday present!!! So before I go I want to send out a little toast to all of our friends who have our back, and to our wonderful new life in our beautiful new home.


Oh yeah just so you all know the “name” of our new home….it is Ddraig Wen which means White Dragon!!!!! I will be off now so I can finish up the last minute packing and such so till next time from the Duskweald…..Dduw Bendithia!!!!!