Symud i Cymru!!!!!


Well here we are another new year and I have been very lazy, or maybe I just haven’t been able to fine the motivation to write. Very bad for someone who wants to write a blog…….Maybe when things in my life settle down I can get back into writing but for now you will all have to suffice with what is here for the time being. A lot has been going on since I last traipsed these halls which I call The Duskweald.

Roland and I started to talk about what we wanted to do with our lives and where we wanted to live and we ended up doing some serious soul searching. We realized that living in the park home we currently have was not going to work for either of us. We did have the en suite redone so it would be easier for him to shower a bit more independently that he had been doing. Then he finally got an electric wheelchair and he was finding it difficult to navigate in the rooms here. Either to narrow of doorways or not enough room to even try to turn around.


We started looking at our options and considered maybe extending the present home out a few feet and just having it gutted and start over……but it soon became apparent that that was not a feasible option as we would have to move out and put our belongings in storage in order to have that done. Could we even find a place to live for a few weeks that was wheelchair friendly? As we looked around for places like that we found them to be far and few between, so that would not be an option for us. So what do we do? We started looking at other options and we had a couple of those…..1. Find a suitable park home already sited for a wheelchair or….2. Maybe a park with some plots on it to site a new home. We contacted several places and some we got answers back…some didn’t even bother to answer our query.

We looked in the South East, South West, around Norfolk and in fact we thought we had found the ideal park to live in……but it was to good to be true when we found out they did not have the license to sell park homes that you could live in 12 months a year……they only had the license for holiday homes which means you can only stay 11 months in a year… it was back to the drawing board.

Did we really want to stay here in the South East or did we want to let our adventurous personalities come out and move further afield? So many decisions and just not enough time it seemed like. One day while just sitting here thinking about what we needed, wanted, and could afford I found one magazine that didn’t get thrown out when I did a big throw away a few weeks earlier. In this magazine was a park home site which took our breath away…….it had the sea view, is surrounded by beautiful snow covered mountains and has its own castle. So we contacted the site owner and he suggested we come to visit. So in September we loaded up the car and I drove us to North Wales. Yes we were on an adventure, an adventure that would change our lives forever. Making a long story short we fell in love with Pant Mawr, who wouldn’t if they saw it. It felt like home and I had been away for a very long time. I cried, not sad tears but happy tears knowing that one day we would be living our dreams. We met with the representative from Omar homes and we got to do all the planning and how we wanted our new home to be………….


As of this date, January 19, 2014 our day to move is slowly creeping closer….some days it feels like time passes fast and other days it feels like we are in a vortex and time is standing still. Our new home, which will make Roland’s life so much easier in his wheelchair will be picked up from the manufacturer tomorrow, January 20 and taken to Wales. We were told we could move in by the end of February depending on the weather but I have a feeling it will be much sooner than that. The mild winter and no snow has helped in that respect. I have been very busy packing boxes and getting ready for the big move and our wonderful new home in the beautiful town of Harlech in Snowdonia National Park.

Harlech Aerial Mid Castles Historic sites
Harlech Castle © Crown copyright (2013) Visit Wales

We were not going to put our current home on the market until we got moved but decided it would be better to get it sold. So glad we made that decision as it went on the market on the 15th and it looks like we have a buyer already……..fingers and toes crossed!!!! I am so happy but can’t wait until we are there…..I have to keep going and looking at the pictures to remind myself that it won’t be long now.

Anyway, I think that is all I can write for now, will try to be more current with things that happen…..maybe try to write something at least once a month if I can think of something to babble on about. So thank you for taking the time to read about our adventures …….till next time from The Duskweald!!!!!!!

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