Argosy – a flotilla of merchant ships.
‘He hath an argosy bound to Tripolis, another to the Indies…a third to Mexico, a fourth to England’
Merchant of Venice, i, 3

Argo – the galley of Jason and the Argonauts
‘The wondred Argo, which in venturous peece,
First through the Euxine seas bore all the flower of Greece.’
Spencer: Faerie Queene,II,xii 4

Argosy was forged deep in the marketplaces and quests of a distant universe called Corum by the ranger Beith Silver Wind. Argosy grew bearing peace through trade AND blood.. We produced, exchanged and traded resources. We defended this right from raiders and pirates.

On the battlefields of Travian, our influence spread. We raised armies with which to expand in that fair world. When aroused we would strike.

ARGOSY were Merchant Adventurers who grew strong in Perfect World led by Corryx aka Silver Sais. We welcomed the hand of friendship although in the end betrayal destroyed the bonds that originally brought so many to fight evil side by side.

Although Argosy survives in Perfect World and we sometimes return, we raised our anchor and set sail for a new port from which to colonise. As Axcension we explored the elven realms and the world of newbies in PW.
Then as Mystico we emerged in Jade Dynasty before briefly answering the call in the Battle of the Immortals, and exploring other games & worlds.

We have belonged to other guilds and will always remain loyal to true friends.

But in our hearts we will always be Argosy.

Argosy will always live on in spirit in the worlds we grew in and wherever we wield our skills.

As gentle and welcoming as the morning wind
but if maligned see our Blood rise and feel our earth mother’s whip-like branches.
Blessings of Gaia. May the Silver Wind be always behind you.


From two different gaming backgrounds we found ourselves drawn to Perfect World, little knowing that at a party on an island we would meet. Eventually our in game marriage found another reality.

The Duskweald is therefore the new home for Argosy, the Guild in which our alter-egos of Chilaili & Fearn first met in Perfect World. Then our characters of Duska & Silver Sais were married in game and they are now heading this band of brave & noble Argonauts.

We have also gone on to play Jade Dynasty, Heroes of Three Kingdoms, Battle of The Immortals, Cabal and Runes of Magic, in a search to find a new home. Most recently we have been pleased to do the closed beta of Forsaken World, the new PWI game which is now in open beta.  Although we will play FW, we will also be joining Aion, encouraged by Juanita’s son Ryan, who in fact started her on this gaming path. We will keep you all updated.
Well our adventures in Aion were short-lived for various reasons not least problems playing solo and the cost. We briefly created Argosy as a legion on Heroes of Three Kingdoms and were enjoying trying out the wide variety of weapons – coolest and most awesome being the multi-blade.
However Ryan got drawn into Lord of the Rings Online and now we are hooked by its depth & scope, not surprising given its pedigree. Roland has been an avid J.R.R Tolkien fan since his teens and has all the movies – extended editions. So it’s amazing to be walking in a world only experienced at a distance.  We are aware every time we quest that our adventures run in parallel to the Fellowship.


Here we are in a new year and of course with all things that come and go over the years past and present so does our gaming and the games we choose to play.  Roland and I are currently playing RIFT.  I will try to follow up with some pictures of our characters and also of our dimension that we are currently working on.  All of this and trying to level characters also.  I have one up to level 50 and the current cap is 60.  We mostly play Defiants on the shard Greybriar.  This is the North American shards.  Maybe we will see some of you there?  Take care and as always, till next time from the Duskweald……..


Argosy has been reborn in a distant galaxy on an unknown planet called Belsavis.  We are on The Harbinger PVE server on the West Coast of the USA….so if you feel like a bit of adventure conquering the Universe, come join us!!!!!  You can contact Machadb, Tareva, or Varenius…our alts are Saputati, Nijlon or Halvardr.  Looking forward to meeting you and having some great adventures!!!!!


We are now drawn into the magic of the universe and good versus evil in the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic.  We are playing both Empire and Republic characters although on different servers.



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